Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji Ki Fatey !



Hemkunt foundation was started by a dedicated team of 11 people 25 years ago. People started to realize that our children who were born and brought up out of India were becoming ignorant and were moving away from our culture and customs. These group of dedicated people put forward efforts to built this organization, in which an environment was created where children could learn spiritual, moral, and religious teachings of Sikhism. These organizations have become very successful and popular. Children are motivated to learn Gurmukhi Script, Kirtan, History, and Sikh culture. The foundation organizes trips for children of different age groups to visit India to learn culture of Sikhism.

The foundation sponsors various Symposium. In 1993, Symposium on Rama Bhabor was organized. Since 1991, International Symposium is rotating amongst different zones of the World. These zones include London (U.K.), Leads (U.K.), Toronto (Canada), Nairobi (Kenya), Washigton D.C., Chicago, Florida, and San Francisco (all in U.S.A). Various famous guest speakers are invited to speak on these occasions, that gives a lot of encouragement to the young children.

Children are trained to do "Nitnem" during summer and winter vacations. They learn to know and respect their heritage.They become more disciplined and good speakers. Many times they find good friends on these meetings. Parents should encourage their children to come forward and participate in these activities. Any kind of effort in good work is appreciated.



To learn more about Hemkunt Foundation go to "www.hemkunt.org" or press this button.